A word about reviews and spoilers…

So…the reviews I’m going to be posting over the next few days are ones I wrote for my YA Materials class at the iSchool.  They’re going to contain a bibliographic annotation and then some thoughts on the book–personal reactions, a little literary analysis, maybe some whining if I didn’t really like it all that much…going forward, the reviews probably won’t be quite so analytical, but I’ll continue to write the annotations.  One, because they’re helpful for me to have when I’m doing Reader’s Advisory, and two, because if you don’t want to commit to reading a 500 word review, you can just check out the annotation.

As far as spoilers are concerned–some of the reviews I did for class contain spoilers, primarily because we all read mostly the same books and if I talked about the ending, well, I wasn’t exactly giving anything away.  I think my policy for upcoming reviews will be that if I read a book in ARC or e-galley format (I got a TON of ARCs at the Texas Library Association’s convention last week!), I will be very, very careful about not spoiling anything.  If a book has been out for a while, say at least a year, I’ll be less cautious.  Personally, I really like spoilers.  Like, I actively seek them out for TV shows and movies…and I almost ALWAYS flip to the end of a book to see how things turn out once I’m about a third of the way through.  I get too anxious for the characters otherwise!  Really.  I just can’t handle the anticipation–I even watch the “American Idol” results on my DVR only after checking Twitter first to find out who’s going home. (A side note:  this DOES NOT WORK with George RR Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice books…mainly because there are just too many things happening in all those pages.  I’ve tried to flip to the end only to be hopelessly confused about characters, plot details, etc.)  I will, however, mark reviews that have spoilers in them as spoiler alerts.  Just because I have to know the end of things before they really even get started doesn’t mean everyone does.


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