Austin Teen Book Fest

One of the best things about living in Austin (except for the tacos) is that because BookPeople is such an amazing indie bookstore and we have such a vibrant YA librarian/teacher/general booklover community we get all kinds of AWESOME author visits.  The ultimate YA lit event is, of course, the Austin Teen Book Fest which took place yesterday. I’ve been lucky enough to go the past two years, and this year I got to volunteer as a door monitor and in the signing lines.  Every year they bring so many amazing authors to give keynotes, participate in panel discussions, sign LOADS of books, and spread the gospel of YA to the teens of Austin (and teens from other places…I met some girls from Shreveport yesterday.  Shreveport is a looooooong way from Austin, y’all).

High points of the day for me:

– Working the door for three different panels and getting to interact with the authors a little more than you get to in a signing line.  Plus, I just love to hear authors talk about their books, writing process, and ideas.  I always end up hearing someone speak and just HAVING to get his/her book.  Last year it was Leigh Bardugo…this year it was Bill Konigsberg.

– Seeing the librarian, Pat, from my old school and getting to chat with her about books, working with teens, my classes at the iSchool, and just life in general.  I’ve really missed her since leaving San Antonio.

– Thinking about books all day and getting to talk about books with my fun friends from library school.  We’re really going to have to figure out a way to keep up our discussions once we all move on to our jobs (which we are all going to get!).

– Getting to fangirl all over Rob Thomas (Rats Saw God is one of my favorite books EVER…I know he did “Veronica Mars” and it’s great, but RSG is a masterpiece of YA lit), Maggie Stiefvater (she’s HILARIOUS to hear speak and her Raven Boys books are some of my top reads in 2013), Trish Doller (go get yourself a copy of Where the Stars Still Shine!), Lauren Myracle (also hilarious and SO FREAKIN’ NICE), and Sarah Dessen (I saw her going into the bathroom and managed to control my author stalker tendencies and not follow her in there to talk about Dreamland).

– Seeing so many teenagers so excited about reading, authors, and books…and seeing all their amazing parents supporting them.  It makes me so happy to see the power books can have in a young person’s life–I know that power well 🙂

In general, I had an amazing time and got so much out of ATBF; also, I thought things (especially the signing lines) ran even more smoothly than they did last year.  There were a few things, however, that were problematic for me:

– The Austin Convention Center’s main area has terrible acoustics, at least they did on Saturday.  The exhibits, book sales, and signing lines made for a lot of background noise during the keynote at lunch and in the afternoon.

– I was disappointed that people asked so many questions about TV in the Truth and Consequences panel that Rob Thomas was on.  There were 5 other authors there AND an author moderator…and I was there to hear about books.

– It would be nice if there was a way to include taglines or blurbs from the authors’ books in the schedule so people didn’t ask for “sales pitches” at the panels.  There’s this thing called Google if you’re interested in an author and his/her book.  My friends and I thought that it was unnecessary and time-consuming when other more interesting questions could have been asked.

– I wish that the adults in the audience would let teens ask more questions at the panels and/or the moderators would choose predominantly teens.  The whole point of the fest is to connect kids with authors.  We (I’m speaking for librarians here) have TLA and ALA…teens just have this.

Overall, I think ATBF is one of the most amazing book events in Texas–that’s saying a lot since the Texas Book Festival is coming our way shortly…I can’t wait for next year’s fest!  (I’m really hoping the following authors who weren’t there this year make appearances sometime soon:  Libba Bray, John Corey Whaley, Leigh Bardugo, Megan McCafferty, Kendare Blake, and my two dream “gets” for the keynote–John Green and Meg Cabot.)  Off to work on my projects for school–the ones I neglected while I was at the Book Fest!


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