What’s up?????

Hey y’all!  I’m Lauren, and truthfully, I am probably the loudest librarian you’re ever likely to meet–thus, the Raucous Librarian.  I’m currently a graduate student in Information Studies at the University of Texas’ School of Information in Austin, but in a former life, I was a high school AP English teacher at John Jay High School in San Antonio.  I also have two very cute, very precocious little boys, age 2 and 5.  I love love LOVE to read YA literature–I’ve been reading it since the days of Paula Danziger–and hope to work in either a middle school or high school library when I finish at UT.  I’m a homegrown Texan, an Aggie, now kind of a Longhorn too, and I like to accost authors at library conventions and ask them to sign my “Authors are My Rock Stars” t-shirt.  I’m a teacher, a librarian, a mom, an obsessive TV watcher, a lover of everything Broadway, and a fervent YA evangelist.  I live to push books on people–“YOU MUST READ THIS!” is my mantra.

247706_10151090008398297_603182040_nThis is me in the Matched bubble at the Austin Teen Book Festival, September 2012.  Don’t I look excited to be trapped???


2 thoughts on “What’s up?????

  1. I love you, friend! You were my (and many others) librarian before you chose the “librarian” path. I will be spending much time here ’cause this place rocks!

    • love you too! once i get a job we should start a school librarian/middle school teacher collaborative blog…there’s a book blog called CrossReferencing we could model it after 🙂

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